Bathrooms & Closets

Bathrooms are one of the most personal rooms in the home, while a kitchen is magnificent for everyone to enjoy; the bathroom is for you and you alone! Your style should be the key to its luxury, design and function.

We can create the bathroom of your dreams, whether it's a powder room, a standard 5'x8' bath or his and hers 350 square foot master suites. The right colors, materials and accents in the right places are all you need to make it your own.

Our ability to think outside the box and offer some possible design options allow you the opportunity to do things that you may not have known were available or thought not possible.


Closets today can offer much more storage, function, and luxury than ever before and our lines of closet systems can solve all of your individual needs. We offer many styles, colors, and storage options that fit you as an individual.