Mold Remediation

In certain situations there is just no escaping mold. When these times occur we are always ready and certianly capable of remediating any level of contamination. We have the latest equipment and technology to assist us in getting you back to normal. With all of our sampling tested by a third party lab you can be assured that the reports are non bias, and you always get copies of the lab reports for your records.

Mold Inspection and Remediation Contractors:

  • Inspection services with sampling results provided by an independent lab available the same day (same day restrictions apply)
  • Pre and Post remediation physcial and air sampling to ensure the job is done correctly
  • Our remediation procedures adhere to the industry standards set forth by the IICRC and NYC - D.O.H
  • We regularly visit the jobsite to verify conditions are what they should be and that the equipment is functioning properly
  • Latest technology used such as; Infrared cameras, Borescopes, Hygrometers and Moisture Meters
  • HVAC inspection, cleaning, sanatizing replacement when required
  • Final statement of clearance provided prior to re-building